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Kathak is a way of my life. I started learning dance when I was in 10th class. My sister is a singer and my father plays sitar and violin. So I was always expose to classical music since my youth which has helped me to appreciate Indian Classical programs.

Since I have interest in this art form, I enrolled my name for Kathak Dance and took basic lessons from my first Guru Dr.K.Rajkumar. But slowly I realised that his style was masculine and not comfortable to my thinking, I consulted him and joined Dr.Padmashri Roshan Kumariji and till today under her guidance I am taking lessons of pure Jaipur style Kathak.

I have completed "Nrityalankar" title degree exam of Gandharva mandal Miraj in 1988 and till today give importance to riyazz which I do in presence of my Guru Dr.Roshanji.

I have been teaching dance since 1985 for that purpose I founded Nrityadhara Kathak Research Institute which is based in Thane and registered with Government.

Teaching dance is the most fulfilling experience of my life. And the best reward my students can give me is mastering various dance forms and performing well. dance is great way to express ones feelings and emotions.

Mukta a resident of Thane has passion for Indian Classical music, which has taken her to abroad too. Mukta Joshi is a B.Com & LLB of Mumbai University. For few years she worked in Thane District Court as advocate. But her love for Kathak made her to devote her life fully to dance.

Mukta has performed her art at various places and major cities of India and also in US, Korea, China, Combodia and Mauritius.

She has performed in various Dance Festivals with her students and this gives her an opportunity to promote Indian Culture and tradition. She cherished every such moment.

Initially Mukta faced lots of problems when she decided to start regular dance classes of kathak. But her honesty and creativity, soon she received tremendous response to her classes, Through Nrityadhara, Mukta conducts programs for training and appreciation of classical art mainly. Today academy boasts more than 150 students who train and also take the Gandharva Mandals examination conducted by Miraj based institution.


Under the overwhelming influence of modernization and westernization all classical dance and art forms are fighting for survival. Kathak is no exception. But it has its own special problem. It has been associated in the Muslim period with courtly life and courtesans. To reestablish the glory of this ancient classical dance form is the task of every Kathak practitioner.

"I aim to involve more and more young minds and talents from good families to spread awareness about Kathak through practice and performance" says Mukta.

Any rasik (viewer) or connoisseur of art should be allowed to have the opportunity of partaking the "rasaa" (interest) of Kathak dance.

I seek the blessings of my Guru's and elders and the patronage of my contemporaries to fulfill my vision.

Why one should learn kathak? The purpose is not limited to just to preserve Indian culture. Our ancestors have developed the dance culture after years of deep study that easily provides us the mental peace. Basically dance is a form of worship, its devotion towards the God, and it's a process that carry the beyond the barriers of pleasure and sorrow. Kathak has the strength to make the dancer forget her body which is engaged in dancing. I think its spiritual bliss.

Kathak dance bears the natural movements of human body. While doing fast movements and foot work one gets better hold on your body and enrich confidence.

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