My guru-Padmashree Dr. Roshan Kumariji

Guru Padmashree Dr. Roshan Kumari - Dr Roshan Kumariji is India's leading exponent of Kathak dance of the Jaipur Gharana.Her parents were celebrated classical artists named Zohra Begum of Ambala and Shri Fakir Mohammed (well-known tabla & pakhawaj player).

Roshanji's Guru was Shri K.S. Moray, Pandit Sunder Prasad, Gulam Hussain Khan of Patiala and Pandit Hanuman Prasad.

About Roshanji
Dr. Roshanji was attracted to dance from her childhood. Music was in her home all the time, as her parents were celebrated classical artists. Her mother Zohra Begum of Ambala was a famous playback singer of her times and her father Shri Faqir Mohammed was a well-known maestro of Tabla and Pakhawaj.
Shri Faqir Mohammed Zohra Begum

No wonder Dr.Roshanji could claim music in her blood and rhythm in her feet. She studied Kathak under Guru Shri.K. S. Moray, Pandit Sunder Prasad, Gulam Hussan Khan of Patiala, Pandit  Hanuman Prasad of Jaipur and Bharat Natyam under Sarvashri Govindraj Pilai and Mahalingam Pilai. She achieved great distinction in both.

She has won great applause wherever and whenever she dance before distinguished audience. She had the honour of appearing at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, and her programme was very much appreciated by the late Prime Mmisier. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad awarded the title of "Nritya-Shiromani" to Dr.Roshan Kumari at the XXII All India Music Conference held in 1963 She also received the President's award of the Sangeet Nartak Akademi (Jaipur Gharana) in 1976 and Sur-Singer-Samsad’s “Nritya Vilas" in 1977.

She is running a kathak dance Academy called NRITYA KALA KENDRA at Bandra, Mumbai from 1971.

Dr.Roshan Kumariji has reached great heights in her interpretation of Classical Kathak. She is undoubtedly one of the foremost dancers of our country.

  • On 24th March 1984. Roshan Kumari was awarded the Padmashree Title.
  • In 1989, the Govt of Bengal (Vishwa Unnyyan Samsad) conferred a Doctorate on Roshan Kumari in recognition of her dedication to Kathak.
  • In 1990 Govt of Maharashtra titled her with Gaurav Puraskar.
  • In 1993, Kathak Kendra Jaipur felicitated her with a 'Man Patra', acknowledging her as the foremost exponent of Kathak Dance.
  • In 1995, the Govt of India awarded her the Emeriuts Fellowship.
  • On 19th March 2005 Saurabh Music Academy Kolkata honoured her by “All India Bhuwalka Award”
  • On 8th April 2008 Telga Jarda Sansthan Mahua (Pujya Murari Bapuji) honoured her "Hanumant Award"
  • In 2015 received Hafiz Ali khan Award at Gwalior
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Brilliant Kathak

Roshan presented a brilliant and radiant rhythmic spectacle In fast-paced breathtaking panorama of technical excellence that followed. Roshan's rhythmic personality pulsed and glowed to reveal the power,fire and elasticity of laya through stunning stances and incisive command of intricate chakkardars and parans with their split second complexities and vibrant foot work that etched out every nuance with effortless grace.

- Times of India
Roshan Kumari adds Dignity to Kathak

She has a unique way of unfolding her art Specially noteworthy were 'Krishna Leela' 'Ganesh Paran', `Shiv Tandav’, `Bedard Murliwala' In each, the artist expounded new ideas which became vibrant with her personality and evoked an aesthetic appeal.

- Free Press Journal
Roshan Kumari steals honours
Her fluent style with its compelling flourish is at one captivating. The clarity of lines, dexterity of rhythms, precise fast chakkars are the hallmarks ol her art. Her father Ustad Fakir Mohammad's pakhawai and sparkeling padhant added brilliant dimensions to the recital
- Indian Express
Roshan Kumari's impressive performance

Roshan's rare style of Kathak was a feast for the audience The thrlling masterly accompaniment of the tabla by Pt. Samta Prasad was an experience to remember. Together they displayed a remarkable technical virtuosity in rhytimc variation.

- Sunday Stabdard

Some Moments with My guru