Vishwa shanti Sangeet Samaroh

Vishwashanti Music Program

Music is a combination of three beautiful art forms i.e. vocal, instrumental as well as dance.
In the history of India, one may find that all these forms were performed together and were popularly known as "Taurya Trikam." However in today's world we see these in separate forms.

Indian culture is highly advanced and well developed over centuries. Indians have been cultivating and nurturing the art of music purely for joy, peace of mind and prosperity. In the broader sense music helps one to attain peace of mind, tranquility and devotion. In these troubled times it is important to cultivate inner peace. Music can help one attain peace of mind in less time, without much effort and with a calm and serene impact.

However in today's time music has taken a new dimension in the form of fusion blending various schools of music. In this process music has also taken undesirable terms typically loud n shrill music.
Time has come to revisit contemporary trends in music and reflect upon our rich heritage.

Vishwashanti Sangeet Samaroh is being presented to you every year since January 2015 with the sole motive of introducing Indian as well as other music forms in a systematic and detailed format. The program also envisages establising a meaningful dialogue and appreciation with learned audience and maestros.

In the Vishwashanti 2015 program we presented before you various instruments like Tabla, Guitar, Sitaar, Kohon, Drums, Piano along with dance. Vishwashanti Sangeet Samaroh a new concept of music festival started by Mukta Joshi with renowed musical artist to reveal aman and peace to world at Kashinath Ghanekar sabhagruha. Artist Pt.Ravi Chari, Druner Jeno Banks, Gutarist Sheldon D'Silva, Kathak Mukta Joshi, Tabla Kishore Pande,Rythem Vaibhav Wavikar.

In the Vishwashanti January 2016 program Honarable Gaansaraswati Kishoritai Amonkar had open talks with the audience reflecting upon the world of music, her journey of music and how music can help to attain world peace.

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Vishwashanti 2015
Vishwashanti 2016