NRITYADHARA -Kathak Dance Institute

Nrityadhara is an Institution dedicated to the Indian classical Kathak Dance,and Flok culture dance of India which has been founded in the year 1988 for promotion of dance, music and performing arts.

Nritydhara conducts different types of activities for promotion of Kathak and music arts of India, by conducting lectures, demonstrations, workshops and performances of senior and experienced artists. Nrityadhara also organises programmes of young and upcoming artists. Every year Nrityadhara celebrates it's Guru Paurnima Utsav in Thane and even the new comers are encouraged to present their dances.

Mukta Joshi - Director Nrityadhara  

Nrityadhara has it's own group of senior students, who performed classical Kathak and some folk styles of India at many festivals in India and abroad. The ballets like 'Bansileela', 'Pungiwala', 'Kathak- Lavni Jugalbandi' and "Rani ki Bav" are performed by Nrityadhara group on many occasions, at different places. Nrityadhara group travelled to Korea, China, Cambodia and Mauritius to represent India and it's culture.   In India, Nrityadhara group presented it's art at Suraj Kund Melawa in Haryana, Kanpur, Gorakhpur and Pune for Sanskar Bharati programme. Also attended Shilpagram Mahotsav at Udaipur.

Till today Nrityadhara performed many creative items like Malhar Utsav, Taal Mala, Ashtanayika, Sant Meera etc., classical items and folk items like Ghumar, Lavni, Kashmiri etc. Nrityadhara work with the aim to promote India's classical and folk tradition, not only through representing it but also study it from different angles. To achieve the above purpose, Nrityadhara is registered with the Government by the name 'NRITYADHARA KATHAK RESEARCH INSTITUTE' in the year 2002.
Furthermore, Nrityadhara has many other plans of innovating and creating various new dance items, ballets on different subjects for which we need solid support and blessings.
Many students have sucessfully completed "Nrityavishrad" Training from our institute. Many of our students have selected Kathak as their full-time career.

Recently in sept 2013 Nrityadhara group performed in Turkastan through IOV Duniya Festival.


Performance Videos
Uttar Pradesh Folk Hori Song
Rani ki Bhav - Dance with scluptures
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